A bedroom, living room or kitchen may be stylishly painted in soft colours, but kids should be given space to foster creativity and develop their imagination. The kids’ room is a place where children sleep, dream, wake up, play, read fairy tales, hide from the world or throw a party for their friends.

A pre-schooler, primary school pupil or teenager should feel well, comfortable and safe in their room. The conditions of their room should be focusing their time and attention on having fun, playing, learning, developing and relaxing.

It would be great if the interior of a room could develop with the child. No 7-year old would keep their toy box from kindergarten, nor would a teenager like seeing a wall photo of them having a bubble bath. The walls however can grow with their interests and tastes, by matching the colours and shades that fit their personality.


Where to start when preparing a kids’ room?

You can buy an adorable children's dressing table for your little princess or an Indian teepee play tent for your boy adventurer and even build a bunk bed for the two.

But even the best toys and new furniture will not make up for faded colours on the walls and a dirty ceiling. The first stage of kids room renovation should be redecoration, the fastest and easiest way to change the style of each room. But, before you set out on a shopping expedition to buy paints and painting accessories, ask your children how they imagine their room to be. Not all girls want to sleep in a pink princess castle and not every boy likes to have a poster of his favourite football player hanging on the wall.

Decorating kids’ room to fulfil parents’ expectations, and not letting children express themselves, especially the older ones, seems to be unfair.

Yet, although it is your children, who should make a decision about paint colours. It is the adults who should take a closer look at the paint qualities. But first things first.


Styline likes to keep abreast of the latest spring/summer colour trends for kids’ rooms, so we have prepared a few colour compositions that may inspire you and your children. A girl's room does not have to be pink. But it can and will look nice and cosy, if proper colours are selected to compose with pink.

The wall, where your baby girl cot stands, may be coated with the paint Premium Latex Matt in the shade Pleasant Pink.

At least three tones will match with Pleasant Pink – Coral Burst (slightly darker pink, ideal for the opposite wall), Baby's Breath (light shade of grey will look perfect on the wall with the window) or Waves of Wheat (warm pastel brown, instead Coral Burst or on the wall with the door).

Why Premium Latex Matt? What makes this high-performance decorative latex paint for walls and ceilings perfect for kids room?

First of all, the paint is a hypoallergenic (which is extremely important when it comes to small children), eco product, free of CMIT/MIT sensitizers, VOC compliant and approved by PZH (National Institute of Hygiene).

It provides durable paint coatings, which are resistant to washing and scrubbing with the majority of standard detergents available. Feeding babies can be a challenge. Do not worry, if you child spits s carrot, pumpkin or beetroot out of their mouth and onto the wall, you can easily wipe it away and the stains will disappear without a trace. Its other qualities are excellent coverage and hiding power, increased resistance to micro cracking, vapour permeability. It is easy to work with and has optimal drying time.

Premium Latex Matt is ideal for kids rooms, but also for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and halls or corridors - any space that requires a matt finish. A girl will feel good in a room painted in various grey tones and blue as well. We propose a nice composition of four colours available for our Latex Premium paint - Toga (warm grey), King of Kings (dark navy blue), First Thaw (grey with sky-blue) and Lovely Lavender (greyish blue). You do not have to apply all the proposed shades to your walls, you can choose two or three and compose them to make your child feel comfy and cosy in the room.

Something for a boy

Blue prevails among the Styline compositions. You can coat an entire wall with Grand Latex Matt paint in the shade Hill Grey. Almond Biscotti, Sapphire Mist or Cascade Twilight will also look great against it and will stir your child's imagination. Using additional colours you can paint mountains, seals, waves, clouds or anything you can imagine.

Other interesting compositions could include a wall painted with Moon Flower (this greyish blue colour will give a beautiful background for a white cot) to which the paint Grand Latex Matt Ebony Coast (colour of sanded steel) will make a nice contrast.

Decorations on the wall can be painted using the pale blue tone Brooks Bay or warm pastel brown Waves of Wheat mentioned before.

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